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Apr 2, 2004
Public Notice To any one who cares

Well to anyone who might read this in the next few days or weeks (all depends on when I can get on the computer to do it.  I am removing this blog from Blog drive.  Why you ask?  because no one is interested in this subject.  And I am really not in to it either any more.  I guess it was just a phase that I was going through. I have not really been in to the Tarot thing for quite sometime now and I am not sure Y.  But if you are interested in this stuff let me know.  I think it is because no on is interested as to why I have stoped doing it.  But you can all see me new blog at lifeatwork.blogdrive.com  Well I have got to go talk to all later. Good Bye:  The High Priestess 

Posted at 01:23 pm by highpriestess
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Mar 1, 2004
Petpieves #1

Did you ever need something done by someone else and you had to bug them about it?

That is another petpeve of mine.  When something that needs to be done and you can not do it.  What do you do?  ask the person that can do it to do it.  Then you have to wait.  I hate that.  And then when you ask about it you get yea I will do, or I plan on doing that today.  Does it get done?  No.  Weeks maybe even longer you wait.  I wish that here were some way that I can do the things that I can not do (the things that I have to rely on other people to do for me.

Yea just so that every one knows I use to do it to others too.  But know that I am older and have more things to worrie about and deal with I have gotten out of that.  I know do the important things that need to be done when they are to be done. Not when it suits me. If that was the case nothing would get done.

And yes just so that evey one knows this is now turning in to my bitch page.  Maybe I will do tarot on it again but not anytime soon.  I just don't have to time to work on it.  Pluse I just don't have that feeling that I use to have when I started doing the Tarot cards.  How knows I may get back into it again but not right now, Sorry


Posted at 01:37 pm by highpriestess
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Jan 12, 2004

Did you ever think that things happen for a reason?

Well I have come to realize that in the past 2 months.

Alot of things have happened that forsted me to sit back and rethink on what is going on in my life and who your real friends are I guess the first thing that I should do is up date you on what has happened that made me have to change somethings in my life.

1. I quit my night shift job right before Thanksgiving.
2. My boyfriend gets arrested. (his stupidity)
3. I have to bail him out of jail. (took everything that I had and some of what he had in savings)
4. My boyfriend breakes his leg, I should say he shatered his leg
5.Got fired/quit my day shift job. (a very not understanding boss, don't let your kids get sick)
6. My boyfriend had to have surgery on his leg to fix it.

Well all of this happened in 1 week.

Needless to say everything is starting to look up (somewhat).
I realized that I have a really great friend named Kerris.  She is that greatest.  She is there for me when I need to blow off steam.

I have found a job right down the road from where my boyfriend lives.  It is really nice since I moved in with him.

I was palnning on it any way but with him breaking his leg it was one of thouse things that I had to do no questions asked.  He needed some one there to take care of him.

It has not been easy for me being the only one that can work.  Finding a job took longer than I had hoped.  It is really hard when you have all the responsiblity on you (like paying the bills and making sure that there is food in the house and we have smokes and gas). 

The really grazy thing that I am having a hard time dealing with is that my mom really likes my boyfriend.  She has never liked any of my boyfriends, EVER! I think that some of it has to do with the fact that I have started going to church again.  And I know that means alot to her and the fact that he goes with me is a big plus.

I have really gotten away from my tarto cards.  I have not had the time or the desire to do any readings.  I have been thinking of doing a reading since we are in a new year to see what the new year holds for me. I will do one soon.

See what everyone has to remember is you need to liston to your heart and your gut feelings.  If you don't you have no one to blame but your self. 

I hope that the new year is a lot better than the last, for me and everyone else.

(By the way forgive the spelling I suck at that too)


Posted at 01:33 am by highpriestess
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Nov 28, 2003
Major Decisions

Well I have had a lot of things on my mind lately with some major decisions to go with them.  Like should I quit my night job and get a job else where?  If so where? Do I move in with my boyfriend or not. 

Well I did a reading on the last one.  It is not the usuall 3 card spread.  I is called L'Amour, L'Amour, Toujours L'Amour.  This is a 5 card spread.  It is alittle more indepth than a 3 card spead, whitch just hits the basics.  I wanted to know if my boyfriend and I should try living with eachother. this is the reading that I got.

Card 1: What you bring to the relationship- The 7 of Swords
A weak plan that will fail and can indicate fauls friendships. Observe your thoughts, ideas and belief systems. Root out the destructive thoughts that beget more destructive thoughts.

Card 2: Your future desire in the relationship- The Princess of Disks
Apprenticeship, new learning experiences, receiving an education, or learning a practical craft or trade. Honestly and sincerity bring good fortune.

Card 3: What your partner brings to the relationship- The Queen of Cups
Trust and follow your feelings. Feel the joy of giving and receiving. Be receptive to Psychic impressions and dreams. This is a creative time to express inner feelingand inconscious urges, or to nuture oneself and others. Love, Peace, and Happiness are indicated.

Card 4: Your partner's future desire in the relationship- The Ace of Cups
A new beginning and opportunity for love, emotional expression, inspiration, and spirituality. Goodness and purity are overflowing.

Card 5: Why you are together-
The 5 of Swords
You have lost interest or hope. regardless of how much energy you pump into changing a situation, it makes little difference. Accept your limitations at this time.

Now when I read this it looked really good and right on till I came to the last card. That confused me a little bit.  So I did a 3 card spread to see if I can get something a little more clearer.

Card 1: The 6 of Wands
Victorious action, optimism, advancement, positive outcome, recognition or praise, and healthy use of creative energy.

Card 2: VIII Adjustment
Balance body, mind, emotions and spirit. Create an honest solution to all situations in order to restore harmony to all situations in order to restore Harmony and fairness. The best solution may require generous compromise by both parties. Due to the Libran influence this card can also indicate partnership.

Card 3: VI The Lovers
More than the concept of finding a lover, this card is also the alchemical blend within yourself. The pont at whitch you feel in love with the world, and more inportantly, in love with yoruself. A positive mental out look and strong self-esteem leaves one open to experience healthy loving relationships. Also indicated is the ability to freely express emotions and to trust yoru feelings, this is a very fortunate card.

Now as I read this reading I felt a lot better about everything.  This reading did not only hit on what I wanted to know from the first reading but also on a lot of other things that have been going on in my life.

Posted at 01:58 am by highpriestess
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Nov 27, 2003
The Cards That Life Deals To You

Isn't it funny how things go in life? It always seems like when you have one problem it always seems like the are always more laying in wait. 

My boyfriend has this friend that is having a few problems right now.  So the other night when they were on the phone together I did a card reading for her. 

Body (card 1): The 7 of Cups
Unrealistic desires and goals. Wishful thinking. Immature whims, daydreams, and imagination. Aveil of confusion.

Mind (card 2): The 3 of Disks
There is work to be accomplished. Dedicated labor, positive and constructive energy, and completing a task will resault in a skillful job well done.

Spirit (card 3): The Ace of Cups
A new beginningand opportunity for love, emotional, inspiration, and spirituality. Goodness and purity are overflowing.

I am hopping that everything works out for the best for her and what she is facing in life.

Posted at 11:15 pm by highpriestess
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Nov 17, 2003
Wasting Time, I hate it

I can't say how much I hate waiting on people.  I have been sitting here for over an hour now waiting on my boyfriend tto get back from God knows where, that he said that he would only be a few minutes. I guess that his definition of a few minutes is different than mine.  To me it is not a hole dang hour. 

I have been having this really wierd feeling all day long.  I did not get a chance to do my daily card reading on my self this morning. So since I had the time I desided to do one and I am really confused. I know that it is a good one and it is nothing that I did not already know.  But here is what the reading was.

Body (card 1): The 6 of Swords
 A balanced state of mind, Healing, calm after the storm, and intelligent communication.

Mind (card 2): The Lovers
more than the concept of finding a Lover, this card is also the alchemical blend within yourself. The point at which you feel in love with the world, and more importantly, in love with yourself. A positive mental outlook and strong self-esteem leaves one open to experience healthy, loving relationships. Also indicated is the ability to freely express emotions and to trust your feelongs. This is a very fotunate card.

Spirit (card 3): Fortune
Doors will open and all things will be much better than you can possibly imagine. Prosperity will desend on you. You will enolve out of a situation that is getting you nowhere. Set your sights high, and Jupiter will set them higher and deliver.

Well if any one can tell me what is really going on here I would really like the input.  Maybe you see something there that I do not see.  I do know this much.  I am head over heals in love with a really great guy.  I don't think that my love life could get much better.  But then again it could one never knows how good things can be or get.  And know that I think about it yea things could get alot better. 

Oh yea, sorry for any typing errors I did not have someone pruff read this for me.  I just simply did not want them to on this entry. 

Posted at 04:39 pm by highpriestess
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Nov 15, 2003
Is this High School?

I know that this sounds like it has nothing to do with the Tarot, but I feel that I have to get this off my chest.  It is something that has been bothering me for a long time now. 

How come adults act more like children that the children act? 

Ok, here it is. I have just started seeing JFZ that was seeing SNB (Skinny No Butt).  That is, if you even want to say that they were seeing each other.  They talked and that is all that they did.  She is in her 30's, but the really weird thing is that she is married with kids.  She would lead this guy on all the time. Cuss him out if she even thought that he was talking to another girl (where does she think that she can get by doing that, she's married for god sake).  That went on for about 5 months.  Then, when I started talking to him on a regular basis, He finally gets smart and realizes that they are going nowhere and trust me it took him long enough. So, he ends it with her and starts dating me.

Well, see, the whole time that SNB was seeing JFZ, she would say crap about me.  She not only did this to him, but also to other people.  Needless to say, I have now has had it with all the petty bullshit and games that she is playing.  I really like JFZ alot.  I can see my self falling for him. We get along great, better than I thought that we would. 

Now that SNB is acting like a high school teenager.  She is saying that she is going to beat the crap out of him and who ever that he is seeing. She does not know, to my knowledge yet, that it is me that he is with.  Then to really make her self immature, she even wants a stinking T-shirt that she bought for him at the local Dollar General store back.  Now how petty is that?. She only paid $5.00 for the dam thing, I know because I was with her when she bought it.

Now today she tells me that he can do what ever in the hell that he wants to do and sleep with whomever he wants to.  But other people who don't even know what the hell is going on are sticking their noses in and saying things that are not even true to her just to tick her off because they don't like me or they are just jealous.

Then she tells me this, "It does not bother me". 

Well, I said to her, "Well it obviously does bother you or you would not want to kick the shit out of him and his new girlfriend". 

Then, she said that she wants to take her husband up to his house and, well, you know what she wants to do.  I am just so sick and tired of listening to her and her bullshit.  Well, I just hope to god that if she does try to beat the shit out of me -- that I  kicks the living crap out of her.

In the beginning, I use to laugh and make jokes about what is going on, but now it is getting to the point that it is not even funny any more.  Oh well, LIFE GOES ON.

I did do a card reading on this problem. It made me feel a little better about the hole thing.
3 pines web designs
You [me] (card 1): The 9 of Wands-
Strength amidst struggle and integrity amidst adversity. There is willpower and radiance in standing your ground. The ability to fight.

Them [her, SNB] (card 2): The Devil-
Materialism, overly concerened with money and success, dishonesty, illusion, and obsession. Allow some time for resolution of your situation and for confusion to disperse. Something is wrong that needs to be corrected. Now is not the time to act. The primitive god Saturn as Cronus, old father time, may unfold the answer, but all in good time.

Your outcome (card 3): The 10 of Swords-
All is scattered and in disrray. You have made negative choices or you were unreasonable about reality. The end of the delusion. Pain. Take comfort that your difficulties will not increase.

Now what do you think about this.  To me it looks very promising that things will go my way in the end, it is just getting there that will be the problem.  To me it says that I am strong and will overcome this. It won't get any worse than it is now.

Oh and just in case you are all wondering I did not make this up.  While I am sitting here writing this and reading over it I see that where I drew the Devil, could look like I made this up but I can asure you that I did not.  I was not in the room alone when I did the reading.  I freaked me out at first when I flipped over that card and saw that I drew the Devil for her.  It was even worse when I read the meanings of the cards to myslef and the person in the room with me.  They even said about the fact that that card came up.

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Nov 12, 2003
I am the High Priestess

I am your High Priestess
This is a learning experience for me as well as everyone that may read this.  Or if you are experienced in the Tarot, then please bare with me.  So far, learning the art of Tarot reading is turning out to be very interesting.  I am learning things about my self that deep down I knew, but for some reason I never let my self realize it.  Here is an example:

About a week ago I did a reading on relationships on myself.  It had to deal with my new boyfriend that I just started dating.  I wanted to know how compatible we are.  So I did a reading and worked out the numbers to find out what both our Soul and Personality cards were.  The reading that I got was very encouraging to me.  The cards that came up were The 3 of Swords (me), The Star (him), and The Knight of Cups (the outcome). 

Divinatory meaning of the cards for my first reading:
The 3 of Swords
A broken heart, upsetting emotional relationships, quarrels, and sorrow.  It is best to weep, grieve, and release the pain in your heart and mind.

The Star
Inspiration, vitality, hope, transformation, and regeneration.  You have found your life's path and life's work.  Step forward and be radiant.  Do not hide your light.  The Star is also a card of healing, good health, calm, peace, harmony, and happiness.

The Knight of Cups
If you are stuck or stagnant, he will bring good luck, inspiration, advancement, new opportunities and friends, and emotional fulfillment.  He is a spiritual Wheel of Fortune. (for relationships Cups are favored)

The reading and meaning of these cards are very promising.  From what I can get from them, I just might make the relationship work, but only time -- and whether or not I listen to the cards -- will tell.

Now when I did the work-up on what cards represent both of us, I needed to know our birth sign and then work up our numbers for each of our Soul and Personality cards.  Then just for kicks, I worked up other people's cards that I know.  Their readings really hit close to home on what they are like. Sometimes, it shows things that you knew, but no one else may have known, for one reason or another.

My cards are: My Signifactor card is The High Priestess / Queen of Swords (which you get from my birthsign: Aquarius),  my Soul card is Priestess, and my Personality card is Judgement / Aeon.

Signifactor card
The High Priestess / Queen of Swords
Control of the mind and thought processes, keen perception, powerful intelliegence, clear thought, and liberation of the mind.  Traditionally, she denotes a woman (or person) alone, not in a relationship.

Soul card
This card indicates strong destiny - your affairs are safely in the lap of the Goddess.  You are empowered to open yourself to your feminine receptive nature.  Record your dreams and flow with the sensitivity and wisdom of your intuition.  This is an opportunity to listen to the and trust your inner coice. You are safe.

Personality Card
Judgement / Aeon
Regardless of your current situation, you are destined to a whole new level of life.  It is as if you were reincarnated into a better life experience, but did not have to die and leave the physical body to realize it.  The outcome is of a very high order.

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